I’ll admit, I was late to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon… BUT now that I’m on and completely obsessed I’ve been pinning things like it is my job (if I had a job)- like everyone else mostly pinning bathrooms and clothes I’ll never be able to afford and tons of recipes and DIY projects I’ll never successfully make. Nonetheless I promised myself I’d make at least a few recipes before the end of the summer. So I did. All in one day! I have also decided to summarize said three recipes on my blog- lucky readers!

So, here are the three reviews (with recipes linked in): the good (really just okay), better and the best. Also, feel free to follow all my pins (username: shanlynnm)!

GOOD: Yogurt Covered Blueberries

  • I subbed their yogurt suggestion for Liberté’s Greek Lemon, it is my favourite and lemon-blueberry is a delicious combo
  • Super easy, but also very boring and time consuming to make
  • Turns out frozen blueberries are just that- frozen (also, kind of tasteless)

BETTER: Saltine Toffee Candy

  • Ridiculously easy to make, but I did adjusted oven time- so watch closely
  • When you think about a WHOLE cookie sheet is a lot candy, I stored half in the freezer for a later date.
  • Absolutely delicious and I will make this recipe again (especially around Christmas)

BEST: Fiesta Salad

  • I’ve actually been obsessing with a very similar salad from The Joint Café in Guelph (check out my post from last week) and have been wanting to make my own
  • It was so easy, though slightly time consuming to make
  • I added black beans for some extra protein, it was a good move
  • I fully intend to use their honey-lime salad dressing on everything from now on, and make this recipe again VERY soon.
  • Try it and let it sit for a few hours, its better that way!

Fiesta Salad

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